CDHI - Center for Digital Health Innovation at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Brian Horsak having a look at the lab at the KU Leuven

Research visit at KU Leuven

This week Brian Horsak visited Prof. Ilse Jonkers and her “Human Movement Biomechanics Research Group” at the KU Leuven in Belgium. This trip was financed by the Erasmus+ Staff training program. During his stay in Leuven, Brian visited a total of three Biomechanics Labs of the KU Leuven and had some very interesting discussions with […]

VIAL: a unified process for visual interactive labeling

Amazing News! IntelliTeam Member published a new paper!

An IntelliTeam member, Matthias Zeppelzauer, published a new paper in the International Journal of Computer Graphics – The Visual Computer together with colleagues from the TU Darmstadt, the Jacobs University, and the TU Vienna. In this paper, the process of labeling data instances with the user in the loop, from both the machine learning and […]