FH St. Pölten / Brian Horsak

IntelliGait: Intelligent Gait analysis. Using machine learning for pattern recognition and gait classification

This project takes advantage of a large-scale database of real-world clinical gait data captured during clinical praxis of the Rehabilitation Center Weißer Hof (AUVA). This dataset enables us to develop novel machine based learning methods for automated gait analysis and classification.

VIAL: a unified process for visual interactive labeling

Amazing News! IntelliTeam Member published a new paper!

An IntelliTeam member, Matthias Zeppelzauer, published a new paper in the International Journal of Computer Graphics – The Visual Computer together with colleagues from the TU Darmstadt, the Jacobs University, and the TU Vienna. In this paper, the process of labeling data instances with the user in the loop, from both the machine learning and […]

IntelliGait at the GAMMA conference in Hamburg!

Two members of the IntelliTeam, Brian Horsak and Caterine Schwab, attended the second scientific conference of the GAMMA gait analysis society. The conference was organized by the Schönklinik Hamburg Eilbek. For two days, several researchers and clinicians mainly from Austria, Germany and Switzerland met to discuss new developments and clinical findings in the field of […]

FH St. Pölten / Brian Horsak