Active Assisted Living

Demographic change has reached our healthcare system and society, thus creating new social challenges. The increasing number of senior citizens and the shortage of skilled workers lead to the question of how health and well-being in older age can be ensured in the field of preclinical care. For this purpose, the Center for Digital Health Innovation conducts research on interdisciplinary innovations and solutions.

National as well as European strategies explicitly point to information and communication technologies when it comes to the driving force of innovation in healthcare systems.

Some possible scenarios are:

  •  telemedical devices provide telediagnosis and clinical healthcare from a distance
  • intelligent clothing and digital assistants continuously measure health-related parameters
  • robot assistants help with domestic care

Digital Assistance in Everyday Life

The digital transformation of service industries such as local supply & trade, healthcare and social services and public administration offers great potential in supporting older citizens in their day-to-day lives.As the gap between culturally necessary changes and technology-driven visions  in healthcare widens, there is an opportunity in a need-driven research and development approach involving all stakeholders.

AAL research at the St. Pölten UAS

The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences combines its expertise in the areas of social sciences, health sciences and technology to carry out research on Active Assisted Living and search for interdisciplinary innovations and solutions. For this purpose, the UAS closely collaborates with research partners on the following topics:

  • Health Promotion & Healthy Ageing – increasing health awareness (health literacy) and empowerment of older people in areas such as exercise, nutrition and communication
  • Concepts for Interprofessional Collaboration between occupational groups when it comes to older patients and their relatives
  • Prototyping Healthcare Interfaces for telehealth, training, consultation and the project Digitale Dorf Dienste (digital village services)
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Healthcare
  • Assessment and Evaluation of care concepts in the fields of mobile care and social services
FH-Prof. Jakob Doppler MSc

Key Focus Coordinator

The Center for Digital Health Innovation brings together health and social professionals with experts of technology who share the same goal: to develop innovative applied solutions for the health system. 

Key Focus Coordinator

  • Academic Director Digital Healthcare (MA)
  • Department of Media and Digital Technologies
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